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at Motorcity Mitsubishi

Motorcity Mitsubishi's Parts Department stocks a wide variety of parts for your Mitsubishi vehicle, plus parts and accessories for most makes and models. At Motorcity Mitsubishi, we have the parts and advice to help you maintain your vehicle and keep it running smoothly. Trust the maintenance of your Mitsubishi vehicle to the people who know your Mitsubishi the best!


  • Some of our top tips to prolong the length of the life of your brakes are:
  • Coast to a stop when you can and be gentle with de-accelerating for the best results. Stopping from a higher speed seriously affects your brakes
  • Look ahead of the road in front of you: see what stop signs, heavy traffic, and stoplights are ahead of you, so you can brake with less force.
  • Don't carry unnecessary, heavy cargo: it's hard on your vehicle, especially your tires and brakes.
  • Don't extend your brake life beyond reason: downshifting or ignoring that screeching noise is only going to cost you bigger money later on, than if you just replace your brake pads immediately.

Safety is our top priority at Motorcity. Now, get a great safety upgrade for less and have your brakes installed with 10% off.